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of this evening's talking points memo. survey done by politico and george washington university asked 1,000 likely voters about the current state of politics and the media in the u.s.a. the results may surprise you. first, 45% strongly disapprove of the job president obama is doing. 35% strongly approve. but personally, this situation is reverse. 47% of likely voters say they
what this week's election results mean for washington and the rest of the country. tonight on "washington week." >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. [cheers and applause] gwen: start your political engines as a newcomer shakes up the republican party. >> just a lot of nutty things she's been saying. gwen: and democrats try to make the most of it. >> it's real tough for the republican party, really it's kind of hung on a shingle, you know. no moderates need apply. gwen: but if this is a fundamental shift, who benefits? and how will that play out in an economically unstable time? >> their platform apparently is -- [speaking spanish] >> is that a bumper sticker you want on your car? >> americans, mr. president, have had it. gwen: the fed up electorate prepares to send a message, any message. covering the week, dan balz of "the washington post," jeanne cummings of politico. john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news and john harwood of the cnbc and "the new york times." >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live f
in washington and by the bay. all the counties in green unde a flash flood watch from later today all the way through thursday and covers most of virginia, maryland and the district of columbia. tropical moisture streaming from the north. temperatures in the 40s. 60s on the eastern shore. leading edge of this tropical moisture into southern virginia now. likely that will be arriving later this afternoon. heavy at times tonight through noon time. dry friday and saturday. jerry, how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well. interstate 66. several stretches now between haymark and manassas east of fair oaks and the capital pelt way. no incidents, just volume. let's head over and see if there's anything to wore about at the american legion bridge, rockville pike doing great. outer loop moving along nicely. travel lanes open both ways. out on the rails. metro and vre okay. one minor delay, mark 503. >>> we're continuing to follow breaking news out of the district. crews on the scene of a fire in the 3100 block of 16 street northwest in the columbia heights neighborhood. news 4's tracee wilkins is on t
before crucial midterm elections. in washington with more. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery, but on this labor day with unemployment hovering around .6%. >> jobs are being created. they are not being created as fast as they need to. >> the administration confirms this week, mr. obama will call to extend and expand research tax credits which allows businesss to write off development costs and may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> that could be helpful in six months when the economy really needs it. >> the economy says this is not a stimulus package. the republicans say it's a sign of political flailing. >> we always like to see death bed conversions but if we had done this thing a couple years ago, we would be in better shape. >> the president's weeklong focus on the economy comes less than two months before midterm elections when congress may be up for grabs. >> you hope if you can do enough small things, that you will do enough to win this war against what is a fragile recovery. >> today president obama unveiled -- wednesday he rolls out more ideas in cleveland,
nuevamente golpean a la comunidad latina de washington... unjoven inmigrante perdio su vida al dia uctrae su informe.. "ayude hize lo que pude rolando llora porque su incendio salto del 5 ton un y murio en estas rejas... rolando covoy/sobrino de la victima "los fierros se trabaron en las piernas" pablo perez mejia inmigrante guatemalteco murio casi al instante.... que rolando fue el primero en saltar... rolando covoy/sobrino de la victima "con cables del telefono, amarre la refrigeradora y me colge hasta abajo desde el 5to piso , pero el no corrio con la misma suerte como yo..." 62 familias en este ro de columbia ncendio no funcionaban carlos vega/desplazado "se escuchaban gritos de gente pedia auxilio." pero las autoridades dicen que el edificio contaba con un sistema manual claudia uceda/univision washington y segun las autoridades el fuego en el quinto piso se hubiese
, dan balz of "the washington post," jeanne cummings of politico. john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news and john harwood of the cnbc and "the new york times." >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week with gwen ifill" produced in association with "national journal." funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> what if you could just be you? what if you had your last bad date? what if she's out there? what if he's out there? what if you could be loved for exactly who you are? you can. >> funding for "washington week" is also provided by boeing, exxonmobil, the excellence in journalism foundation, the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting, and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. we appear now to be in the middle of a wave election when everything changes. but who is behind the wave and who is likely to get flopped? christine o'donnell this week's b
washington state can band felons and ex balance from voting. this is a little more than one hour. >> good afternoon. we are here to hear the arguments verses farrakhan versesgregoire. you may proceed. >> good afternoon. i and with the legal defense fund and counsel for the pellets in this action took out like to reserve five minutes for rebuttal. this is a very rel. fell one disfranchising- disenfranchisement case. plaintiffs had established substantial evidence that the racial disparity in nearly every phase of washington's justice system cannot be described as a nondiscriminatory. the defendants have failed to offer any evidence to contest the plaintiffs record which the district court recognized as compliant -- compelling evidence. forced a -- the district court recognizes that the disenfranchisement law will shift in equality to the political process. this is the essence of the section 2 vote denial claim. the fact that it is external to voting interacts with the voting qualification and denying the right to vote to plaintiffs on account of their race. this is not a case of disenfranc
his new book yesterday. today he is expected to be here in washington a hold a book signing at politics and pros. >>> barack obama will wrap up his four state campaign today. he will hold a backyard discussion with voters in des moinesiowa this morng before going to richmond, virginia. democrats are idanger of losing control of the house and senate. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the details. good morning. >> reporter: democrats say buck up. he's trying to reenergize the party with political tough love. >> i don't know abo you, but i'm fired up. >> reporter: president obama is telling democrats ignore polls and pundits. >> we cannot sit this one out. we can't let this country fall backwards because the rest of us didn't re enough to fight. >> reporter: in interviews, he's even tougher. he told rolling store democrats sitting on their hands complaining are irresponsible. republicans and even some decrats say beating up the base may backfire. >> you're out there trying to tear phi them and put all these scare tactics out there and hope fear will drive them to the po
and the future for their children they see a government in washington that does not get it and the american people think that washington does not care. we are here today to put forth a new governing agenda, a bill for listening to the american people that offers a new way forward. before i served in congress, i ran a small business. i learned firsthand how government gets in the way of job creation in our country. the policies coming out of washington have created massive uncertainty for job creators and the american people are suffering as a result. in order to create jobs, we need to end the uncertainty for job creators and a spending spree in washington and reform congress itself. the government is out of control in washington and we need to rein it in and begin a new drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government in our nation's capital. these are the things that the american people are demanding. our pledge to america is that the republicans stand ready to get it done beginning today. none of this would have been possible without the work of kevin mccarthy, our colle
to a beautiful start. no fog. clr sky. off to a cool start. many locations in the 50s right now in washington. temperatures, as we look around the region, low to mid-60s there. upper 50s in prince george's county. mid-50s in montgomery. near 60 near the bay. away from the water,idewater gion and eastern shore only in the 50s. and out of the mountains, a chilly morning in the 40s. western maryland and west virginia over the last 12 hours we have had high pressure giving us clear sky. plenty of sunshine with highs reaching low 80s, low humidity. increasing clouds on thursday. a shower after sunset thursday evening. drying out by friday afternoon. details on that in just a few minutes. >>> tom, good morning. as we get under way, wre doing pretty well along the 95 corridor as you head north from stafford to the capital belays. both directions, no really hangups. and travel lanes are open. bay bridge, overnight road work at th bay bridge and then an accident after that which forced authorities to shut down the bay bridge for a while. everything has been cleared up. the accident is go. looks like c
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> back to business, the metro region goes back to work and back to school. we noted that means, a long ride. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i am alison starling. >> i am natasha barrett. first, adam caskey with the forecast. >> a pleasant morning, a little warmer than yesterday. we live in the belfort furniture weather center at 4:30 on this welcome back to work and school. 63 degrees in woodbridge, 65 in rockville and temple hill, 66 in vienna. the dew points are in the '60s. pretty comfortable in terms of humidity levels. temperatures are warmer than yesterday. in the district, 70, mostly sunny today, a few scattered clouds. high temperature near 90 with allied southwest wind. welcome back, lisa baden. >>> thank you. there was no overnight construction because of the long holiday. map and describe things rolling nicely. out of southern maryland, about -- 228 anhd to 28, s21 210 looks nice. traffic moving nicely. looks good on 66 and 95. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the end of the holiday weekend, back
to the 50s in the suburbs, rural areas. low 60s in washington and near the chesapeake bay. it's cool in the mountains of west virginia. ny locations there in the upper 40s. eastern shore, low to mid-60s. southeastirginia near 70. and we have another plume of moisture coming our way into eastern north carolina. leading edge of the rain associated wh a developing tropical storm. very strong upper level windows blowing 75 miles per hour. they're going to string it northward and bring it in this afternoon. we could have heavy rain, enough to cause flooding by this time tomorrow morning and the ponding of water. we'll have temperatures this afternoon before any rain arrives. once the rain commences it will drop back into the 60s. and some of the rain, again, as i mentioned could cause flooding is time tomorrow morning through midday thursday. we could get three or four inches out of this. drying out and cooling down as we get into the weekend. jerry, how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well. that's a good start. 395. no worries. everything looking good. let's head over and check out i-270
" with cbs news "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from cbs news in washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again and welcome to face the nation. we're going straight to miami and marco rubio, the republican nominee forsonality in florida. mr. rubio, thanks for coming. most people who follow politics know you took on florida's popular incumbent republican governor charlie crist. in the primary for the republican senate nomination. before it was over he had left the party as you went up in the polls. he's now running as an independent. let me just ask you first, do you think of yourself as a tea party candidate? >> first, good morning and thank you for having me on your program. i don't think anybody can make that claim about themselves because to do that you'd have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the tea party movement is. i think the biggest mistake being made by those who follow politics is they're trying to understand what's happening across our country through a traditional political lens, how you would view the re
escuelas publicas de washington... nat! la confesion sorprendio a mas de uno... deborah menkart/directora de teaching for a change " no tuvo oportunidad de visitar las escuelas publicas si hubiera visitado hubiese visto que hay buenas escuelas buenas maestras..." este profesor de una de las escuelas publicas de washington no se siente ofendido pues dice que el presidente dice la verdad... ramiro acosta/profesor de la escuela bruce monroe at parkview en washington no es la felicidad pero ayuda muchisimo, si tu tienes dinero, puedes comprar una clase completamente nueva , puedes comprar computadores nuevos , tener computadores para ellos mismos.nuestros ninos nunca han estado expuestos a un ambiente nuevo de cosas bonitas..." en una entrevista, el presidente hizo un llamado para extender el ano escolar y aclaro que los maestros con pobre lia "me parece muy bien pues usted sabe que un maestro esta sude educacion de washington michelle rhee...quien en busca que resultados, a creado un ambiente de competencia e
autoridades municipales de washington. a medida que caminamos este río, el tiempo en el que podamos ver diferentes tipos de actividades acuáticas en el río anacostia, llegara en un futuro no muy lejano. el para la construccion del parque. la iniciativa de revitalizar las orillas del rio anacostia es un proyecto que incluye areas recreativas asi como residenciales y comerciales , cuyo financiamiento requiere la inversion de mil quinientos millones de dolares. el parque es el corazón de todo este nuevo vecindario que estamos construyendo acá en d.c. el parque es de 5.5 acres. además del parque estamos construyendo unas 3000 unidades de vivienda acá tanto como nuevas oficinas, nuevos restaurantes. en fin, todo un nuevo vecindario animado para washington dc. se ha informado que a traves de la ofa para asuntos latinos, se implementara un plan de acercamiento a la comunidad hispana. quien se quiera comunicar con la oficina de latino affairs también tiene información sobre
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> in this remarkable chapter in the history of united states and iraq, we have met our responsibilities. now it is time to turn a page. >> seven years later, president obama nicolaus the iraq war over. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for joining us on this first day of september. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> high temperatures still. tomorrow we will try for the second most 90-degree days in a given year. today is still hot. 68 in frederick. 70 and culpeper. herndon, 69. total sunshine again today. it will feel like the past couple days, 95 degrees. the inequality is down a notch to code orange for this afternoon. sunny and hot again tomorrow, a few degrees cooler, low 90's. -now to lisa baden. >>> the construction on the hot lanes project is complete for the morning. if everything is open between the american legion bridge and the springfield exit. looks good on 66 and 95 in virginia. 95 mary
, it may help some of the undecided voters to decide how they will cast their ballots. for the washington examiner has just endorsed adrian fenty. the paper says it believes he deserves reelection based on his reelection in five areas. this is for vincent gray that could come down to the right of your this is what the paper said: " there is no reason to think what is not broken in the areas of crime, management, city services, and economic development, and in education where things are finally being fixed after all these years, so we are urging you to reelect adrian fenty in tuesday's democratic primary." even with this, he is still lagging behind the latest poll, behind in 13 points with all registered democrats. if that does not include the undecided voters. we have been talking to people. many of them are still trying to decide how to get their ballots. brianne carter reporting live. >>> 32 firefighters from on the globe are running across the u.s. to commemorate 9/11. expected to arrive in d.c. today. they were in maryland yesterday. some firefighters lost family members in the terror
. fall has arrived, but the summer weather is not going anywhere. good morning washington and five begins right now. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. it's 5:00 on this wednesday, i am alison starling. lisa baden is standing by with the latest on the traffic in a moment. we start with adam caskey. it is the autumnal equinox today. >> it is later this evening at 11:09 tonight. that is when the rays of the sun are directly over the equator. the days will get shorter. that will not feel likes of. -- it will not feel like autumn. 68 degrees at arlington. 58 is the dew point. you will fuel the added humidity today. temperatures are the 60's for the most part. brunswick is the exception at 57. near 90 today, mostly sunny, a few scattered storms this afternoon. 30% chance. now to the sevan. >>> moving nicely on the beltway in virginia. there was will work on 95 in baltimore that should be out of the late now. between richmond and baltimore along 95, looks good also on the freeway and the dulles toll road. it's decent between centreville and the
already. we are looking at potential later on for showers, especially south and east of washington. so any sunshine will be this morning. show you the 9 future cast and this is rain po tenable, andrea. as we put it in motion and look at thou the moisture surges. the blue is one to two inches in the west. in virginia four plus. see the bull's eye, that is four to five inches between now and friday morning. much of that between now and let's say tomorrow afternoon. we will get hit hard in to tonight and during the day on thursday. especially during the morning. temperatures cooler, upper 60s to low 70s. frederick, 75 there. only 71 here in washington. the day at a glance, mostly cloudy this morning, 65 by 9:00. late shower is possible. 69 for the drive home. angie, 4:31. >>> hope you are off to a great wednesday. we are waking up to construction. no big deal, right. 95 southbound, you want to watch for it at 198. we are losing a couple of right lanes because of it. the beltway, everything is clear from 95 to 270. there is roadwork set up past the georgetown pike area but it should be clearin
que medidas podrÍan mejorar saludos ya agenda washington, el desempleo y la economía son aspectos que más preocupan a los hispanos en el país, esto indicó un reciente sondeo de opinión. >> segun un reciente informe del departamento del trabajo el indice de desempleo en el paÍs alcanzÓ un 9.6% lo cual se traduce a una pÉrdida estimada de 54 mil empleos en el pasado mes de agosto. a pesar de que los analistas esperaban un indice mÁs elevado y el sector privado abriÓ espacio a nuevos puestos de trabajo. aparentemente la crisis financiera y el desempleo no parecen tener una soluciÓn inmediata, de acuerdo al presidente del consejo de asesores economicos de la casa blancacongreso aprobara una ley para reestablecer subsidios para las personas que han estado desempleadas por mas de seis meses. los cuales consisten en un estimado de 300 dolares semanales. referente a esta situacion analistas coinciden en que la escasez de empleos conllevan no solo a que se agudicen los problemas econÓmicos sino tambien que surjan conflictos sociales y polÍticos especialmente en Época de elecci
will be in washington today. the 85-year-old has a book signing scheduled. mr. carter was hospitalized in cleveland yesterday with with stomach ailments. >>> president obama heads to richmond, virginia. it's the final stop on a four- state tour. the president is trying to energize democrats ahead of november's midterm election. >>> overseas, disease going to be a slow go in spain today. the largest labor unions are calling for a general strike. the daily flights between dulles airport and madrid has already been cancelled. right now we are following breaking news. an apartment fire along 16th street in northwest washington. lindsey mastis live on the streets. what more can you tell us? >> eight people were transported to the hospital. five to the burn unit and one with a child. two people are in critical condition. i want to show you the scene down the street here. there are still some fire crews inside the building. it's an eight-story apartment building and they believe it started on the fifth floor. everyone is out of the building. firefighters say they have it under control but there are still
programada para el 2 de octubre, en washington... la concentracion pretende subrayar la urgencia de una reforma migratoria... la marcha nacional que lleva por nombre "una nacion trabajando unida", partira desde el capitolio hasta el monumento a lincoln... y buscara congregar a una cantidad de personas que pueda llenar el national mall.. la meta es movilizar a estas organizaciones justo un mes antes de las elecciones de medio mandato, previstas para el 2 de noviembre... el gobernador de maryland, el tiene una ventaja significativa sobre su contrincante republicresids que tienen intencion de votar, apoyarian a omalley, y solo el 41 por ciento darian su voto a ehrlich.. la encuesta tambien senala que ehrlich tiene el apoyo de republicanos y algunos independientes.. por otra parte, omalley cuenta caldv york michael bloomberg y se espera que el presidente obama tambien exprese su apoyo en los proximos dias.. buenas noches a todos, iniciamos la primera parte de deporte con la liga de campeones de concacaf con imagens que nos llegan desde puerto rico en un partidazo y triunfo de l
marathon are. so thank you very much. [applause] >> sunday on "washington journal," author and christian science monitor editor davante chinni. later, author and sociology professor brian powell looks at america's changing view of what constitutes a family. our recent survey found that americans are more accepting of unmarried and same-sex couples raising children. plus, your e-mail and phone calls. "washington journal," like sunday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> sunday, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius talks about the new health care law, part of which goes into effect this thursday, september 23. she is interviewed she isadamy -- interviewed by susan adamy. >> bill quinn joins former british prime minister tony blair for discussion of their years in office. >> warren brown what -- writes a weekly column for "the washington post." >> it is arguable and justifiable that they have an argument to say we would not have a black middle-class had we not had general motors, ford, and chrysler. >> in 2008, he supported the government bailout of the auto industry. you tal
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> breaking news, a change of command in the nation's capital. good morning, washington. i'm alison starling. >> i'm scott thuman. we will have all the latest election results in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. happy wednesday. 4:30. in the belfort furniture weather center, it is a low cooler than yesterday. constable. 60 degrees in frederick. at the airport, 54 degrees. 59 in culpeper. 54 in herndon. 58 in prince frederick. a lot of sunshine today. a few scattered clouds. high temperatures in the low 80s. the average high is 80 degrees. we will have a northwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. clearing skies. constable again. -- comfortable. chance of showers by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. not expecting much. now to lisa baden. >>> good commuter a roundabout way. overnight construction in virginia on the beltway is gone. looks good on the dulles toll gaway. noaa troubles in virginia. headlights northbound headed to springfield. red is southbound on the w
" or >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> still ahead this half hour, at fedex field, donovan mcnabb and the redskins kept it close. it came down to the final play. good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. glad to have you with us on this monday. >> good morning, washington. i am greta kreuz, in for alison starling. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. we begin with a meteorologist steve rudin. >> yesterday we had three- quarters of an inch of rain across most of the area. it was the coolest today anno -- the coldest days since may 19. 55 degrees in winchester, 59 in fairfax and gaithersburg. the skies are beginning to get a little cloudy. vowel is moving to the rest of us, clearing up by 8:00 or 9:00 -- fog moving to the west. letson an update on mehzzerly commute with lisa baden. >>> we have construction on 66 westbound at glebe road coming out of rosslyn towards falls church, the left lane is closed. 95 virginia, the rohde board is gone. -- roadwork is gone. southbound at 32 there's roadwork that should be gone by the time you get there.
guest has been david armor. thank you for being with us this morning. that is all for "washington journal" this morning. we will be back tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern to take your calls. have a good day. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . . çççç-our live coverageç ofe afternoon session will be here ççthe commission will hear frm people that deal with oil spills inçç alaska.% çtheçç session beginsçç at0 er(kspan. ççççççdavid axelrodçç jd ççpolitico in a decision onçe 2010 midterm elections. our look atçç privacy and communication policies by focusing onç the federalç laws that limit data collection. ç >> this was the second time that the court heard the case. earlier this year a two judge panel from the ninth circuit overturned laws because they were disproportionately affecting minorities. this is just over one hour. >> good afternoon. we are here they hear the argument [unintelligible] and we have judged gould appearing by video from seatt
will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning grace said that his goal is to bring the residents of washington d.c. together to create "one city." his focus will be on community investment and collaboration. reforms will continue with him, but that there will be some changes. schools chancellor michelle rhee's days are numbered. he wants someone who will work with teachers and parents. his goal is to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office, he says. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. being fiscally responsible, bringing back transparency, sending a message that the days of pay to play politics are over in the district. >> despite a couple of jabs at fenty gamache congratulate effendi on running a hard and spirited campaign and as the crowd to give him a hand of applause. he wants to bring home a final victory in november. fueled a press conference of the washington court hotel at noon today. >> let's turn to courtney robinson. an emotional night for the current mayor and his supporters. you have the latest. >> good morning. it
that is impossible. nothing. [cheers and applause] you all know that i went back to washington a couple of days ago. negative of-na nabobism. some of my fellow republicans tell me that this cannot be done, that this is a few trial effort. perhaps it is one time that they met one republican woman who will not quit on alaska. [cheers and applause] we are here. we are here for you. [cheers and applause] i want to remind everyone when this whole discussion about having the process out there -- it is our constitution that allows for, guarantees the right to vote for the person of your choice. i want to give you the choice. i want to give you that option. my opponents are going to no doubt point out to you that prior to the august primary and i stated that i would accept the outcome of the primary. i will tell you right now that i regret that statement. i regret that i made that statement. it was made before i became aware of the last minute mudslinging, the name calling, outright fabrications and lies that came from mr. miller and his staff. it is unacceptable. this is where i am. i have got a choice of
. all of our national insecurities on display. we take a look tonight on "washington week." battles on every side. all on display at a lunchtime presidential news conference. over the economy. >> the policies that the republicans have offer -- are offering right now are the exact policies that got us into this mess. >> i think it just shows how out of touch the white house is. the american people are asking the question, where are the jobs? >> over the coming midterm election. >> what i'm going to remind the american people of is the policies that we have put in place have moved us in the right direction. >> no apologies for opposing the stimulus, no apologies for opposing the health care. no apologies for opposing what they call the wall street bill. gwen: and a sensational and distracting threat from an obscure florida pastor. >> we are simply burning a book. >> it doesn't in any way represent america or americans or american government or american religious or political leadership. >> we have to make sure that we don't start turning on each other. gwen: we'll put the roller coast
apartment fire. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning washington once again. thanks for joining us. >> weather changes on the way beginning today. we head straight to your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's start with adam. >>> later on this afternoon, we will see some showers. the heaviest rain later tonight and midday tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures right now. culpeper is comfortable at 56. low humidity as well. morning sunshine. highs in the mid 70 kooky. -- 70's. tomorrow, heavy rains off and on in nature. now back to lisa on our morning commute. >>> it is quiet. no problems to flare up in front of view in baltimore. let's go to breaking news with a greta and allison. >>> emergency crews are on the scene of this two-alarm apartment fire along the third 100 block of 15th street. emergency officials confirm at least eight people have been transported to the hospital. some are critically injured in this blaze. several people are still being evacuated from emergency crews at
going to run for president? delaware's christine o'donnell appears before a summit in washington and nevada's sharon angle courts g.o.p. leaders. elizabeth warren on the new administration post that did not require confirmation. this is special report. good evening, i'm bret baier. sarah palin heads a fundraiser in the state that launched and shot down many presidential hopes and dreams. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in des moines, iowa with palin's answer to the million dollar question, will she run? >> even before arriving sarah palin's first trip without a book tour to iowa made news in the home of 2012 caucuses. >> freedom is a god given right. >> after quitting as governor alaska she's the tea party's most recognizable face. since the presidential bid she's refused to rule out a 2012 white house run and says it will depend on we, the people. >> if the american people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up and willing to get back to time tested truths and help lead our country towards to more prosperous and safe future and if they happen to
battleground in maryland. good morning washington continues right now. @ >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. >> we have an apartment fire to tell you about in northwest, d.c.. first, we say good morning washington. i am alison starling. >> that fire is affecting traffic, but we want to start with meteorologist adam caskey. midnight tonight through about noon tomorrow. we could have some areas of flash flooding. that is a concern later on tonight and into tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures right now. we are in the 50's. arlington at 60. comfortable start to the day. you should not need air conditioner. 75 the high court today with increasing clouds this morning. more on t$e forecast coming up. >>> we will get to the breaking news in just a moment. i am telling you how this affects your commute. the list lucia -- the solution would be to use of metro rail on normal service. try to avoid 16th street near irving street is the closure. . next, we will go live to newschopper 7. we will tell to the beltway over the greenbelt area. there we are li
right now. >> you heard charles krauthammer say over the weekend in "the washington post" that sarah palin and jim demint are irresponsible. >> it makes it that much harder for them to take back the senate. the senator in alaska it is now going to be running as a write- in candidate. this is a real soul-searching time for the republican party. they are potentially taking victories from them that they would have gotten in november. >> do you see any strategy coming out to see how they are going to do this? deal with this divisiveness in the party note -- in the party? >> i would be very surprised if washington republicans go win and get the full backing for christine o'donnell. basically, it will stay in the hands of the democrats. i think you will see them focusing, the republicans focusing on races they think they can win. >> let's talk about the bush tax cuts that are set to expire. this could be another showdown. raising taxes for everyone. we are running out of time before congress breaks and we get to the midterm. to be a lame duck session after the elections. the democrats love
oldest forms of reality programming. i'm john donvan, in washington. >> no business like sh >> heavy rain heads towards the area. good morning washington. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we have some big changes on the way by the end of the day. let's get straight to your traffic and weather. every 10 minutes. see the weather situation with adam. >> good morning. let the fresh air come through the windows. heavy rainfall. tonight and through the day tomorrow. arlington is 58 degrees. hagerstown 56. hyattsville 61. very comfortable and dry air. late day showers cannot be ruled out. more on the forecast coming up. >> a pretty good start to the morning rush hour. overnight construction on the beltway in virginia. on the virginia side, good at 66. this camera is revealing traffic on the 270. pretty good right now. now back to you. >> breaking news. a five-year at an apartment in northwest washington. crews are on the scene on the third 100 block of 16th street. three people have suffered burns. no word on the extent of the injuries. a crew is on the way. we wil
universidad de george washington que financia gran parte de su educacion. tambien esta acuerestoy de acuerdo conque la guerra llegue a su fin ya que ha causado uchas muertes, y no solo muerte sino mucha ente. de depente 1 se pone a pensar engobierque gente que regresa de irak regresa con defectos sicologicos y deshabilitados." con la retirada de 100 mil tropas de combate, ahora permaneceran hasta fines del 2011 unos 50 mil efectivos estadounidenses, para entrenar y asesorar a las tropas y gobierno de irak que ahoran tomaran gran parte del control. "los lideres republicanos del congreso, senalaron que esto representa la comprobacion de que la estrategia de aumentar las tropas en irak fue la correcta. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision." a todos. iniciamos con la copa sudamericana de futbol con la clasificacion de oriente petrolero que derroto 1-0 a la universidad de chile, tenemos imagenes y tadio lefutura. ricana y mas... elecciones primarias por la alcaldia del distrito de columbia, y partidarios del concejal vincent gray, considerado el mayor contrincante de adria
cientificos? todo lo que pasa en washington. >> ¡agenda washington! >> mario: saludos y bienvenidos a "agenda washington" , les habla marío sol, el estudio un s enfermedades mortales que afectan a la poblaciÓn mundial. entre los estudios contemporaneos mas significativos esta el de la medicina regenerativa utilizando cÉlulas madre. de acuerdo a las investigaciones el uso terapeutico de las cÉlulas madre servirÍa para el tratamiento en casos de accidentes cerebro vasculares. asi como otras enfermedades degenerativas entre las que destacan la osteosporosis, el alzheimer, el parkinson. e incluso, la diabetes, artritis y enfermedades cardiovasculares. sin embargo, recientemente estas investigaciones han sido blanco de controversia debido a las diferencias que existen entre las cÉlulas madre embrionarias y las adultas.quiea desde el momento de la concepciÓn se oponen a los estudios con cÉlulas madre embrionarias pues lo consideran un asesinato por el hecho de que el embrion seria destruido. un tribunal federal capitalino bloqueÓ las investigaciones ya que esta prohib
and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. two breaking stories. a violent hostage scene ended with a deadly shot. and hurricane earl took aim at the eastern seaboard. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this early thursday, i am alison starling. . >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is in ocean city tracking hurricane earl. steve rudin is in the weather center with what to expect for the day ahead. >> looks nice for the immediate metro area. coastal flood advisory for later this afternoon. those are areas accustomed to title f. we have temperatures for the most part holding in the '60s and '70s. temperatures from north carolina although weather above network. we will show you temperatures of 75 in gaithersburg, 73 in fairfax. if the satellite and radar are quiet, but lower right-hand corner of the screen, hurricane earl pushing towards the north- northeast. we will keep up stated throughout the morning. first, let's look at the mosalla commute with lisa baden. >>> a politic
camara se van en los proximos dias y no repoliticos de washington, e alcalde y sees proinmigrante y sindical impulsan una masiva concentracion de inmigrantes a e es elmovilizacion... el accte del autobus yer en maryland que dejo a una persona sin vida y una docena lesionados, ha provocado que grupos de seguridad en en wl congelamiento de miles de azas dempleo.. detalles al volver.. en washington las acarrear a los ninos... nuestra companera claudia uceda, nos dice cuales son esos juguetes y ligros... parecen triciclos inofenccon personajes infantile ninos han frido lesiones en el area genital y tambien han tenido sangrado..." los 7 millones de triciclos "trikes and tough trikes" retirados hoy, son peligrosos que tienen llave de plastico en la que los ninos pueden sentarse , golpearse o caerse... la llave tendra que ser cambiaba por una con superficie plana como esta...el bebe de charo ha sido victima de esos golpes... charo sanchez/madre de victima "salia corriendo con el triciclo y topaba la pared del departamento de la casa que se yo y este
&a," nicholas von hoffman. tomorrow on washington of all -- on "washington journal," david kahl, andgs, colin michelle mello. she will discuss the impact of the new health care law on patients. that is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. next, the new hampshire senate republican primary debate. you'll hear from four candidates running to replace the retiring senator judd gregg. the state's primary is a timber 14. republican primary winner will face paul hodes. this debate was hosted by the new hampshire institute of politics at st. anselm college and was sponsored by wmur tv. >> this is a commitment 2010 special. wmur news 9 presents the granite state debate. tonight, the republican candidates for senate. >> appearing at tonight's debate was kelly ayotte, a prosecutor and former state attorney general, also jim bender, a career businessman, william binnie, a businessman, adennis lemayor, and ovide lamontagne, former chair of the state board of education. now, the granite state debate. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to the third night of our debates here at the new hampshi
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